Health & Safety

From our staff to clients and suppliers to contractors, health and safety is at the heart of everything we do. We have one of the most proactive and rigorous approaches to health and safety in the industry, and this is reflected in our exemplary safety record.

From our NHPC awards to our OSAH 18001 accreditation our clients have complete peace of mind that we’ll solve problems rather than create new ones.

We’re also one of only 6 companies across the UK who has partnered up with the HSE’s ‘Worker Engagement Initiative’ designed to encourage companies in the construction industry to use the recognised and approved HSE training tools. Bateman Groundworks is the only representative for the groundworks industry, and this reflects our commitment to going above and beyond in ensuring we have the best health and safety policies around.

What’s more in a recent Employee Satisfaction survey 100% of all our staff said that they feel safe at work and our team includes our very own Health and Safety consultant. Our health and safety and environmental policies are rigorously enforced at every stage of a project ensuring that both our staff and the communities we work in are adequately protected.