Born in 1997, by our founder Richard Bateman, Bateman Groundworks is the result of a desire to achieve more and be more. After 10 successful years working within the construction industry, Richard saw a gap in the industry that he knew he could fill; a Groundworks company with a more customer focused and safety first approach.


Our philosophy is simple – to identify your needs and provide a solution that technically and financially meets those needs to the highest quality, the safest possible standards and in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner.


We know our purpose when we partner with a developer or contractor. We are there to serve your needs, which we do with a highly skilled and qualified team. We wear our exemplary safety record as a badge of honour, recognising that your reputation is in our hands and confident that you can trust us to take care of it as if it were our own.


When you have a vision, you need a team with the drive and ambition to help you reach it. This is why we’ve brought together a group of industry professionals who are as passionate about our customer centric and safety first approach as we are. Our people are our best asset. To date, there’s 185 of us, some of which have worked their way up from apprentices. We encourage ALL of our people from experienced hires, graduates and apprentices to do work they are proud of to help us create a company that they are honoured to work for.


We care deeply about Norfolk and recognise its potential to be a thriving and creative hub while still retaining its, ‘Norfolkness’. We dedicate time, money and resource to supporting local charities and sporting events and we encourage our employees to champion causes that they care about.


Today, in the safe hands of Managing Director Jason Ramsey and with 20 years experience under our belt, we believe the calibre of client we work with is a testament to the first-class service we offer.

We’re still growing, we’re still learning and have aspirations to diversify. With our team behind us and an equally solid client base, we are on course to cementing ourselves as the leading Civil Engineering and Groundworks company in the East of England, and we look forward to sharing the journey with you.