Potential new apprentices on site tests

July 30, 2017

Seventeen potential apprentices were put through their paces on site for the 12 new apprenticeships that start in September.

Apprentices are the key to the company’s future growth to secure a skilled staff for decades to come.
The workforce has grown to 160 people, a growth of more than 30 from the start of the year, with a target workforce of 174 by the end of the year.

Richard Bateman, Managing Director, said apprentices taken on now would help to achieve desired growth beyond 2020.

The two-year apprenticeships will start in September.

All apprentices will work with Sam Allen, a former apprentice, who has been appointed Apprentice Mentor and has written a bespoke development plan.

Every apprentice will spend four-week blocks of residential training at the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) centre at Bircham Newton, interspersed with on-site training.

Richard said: “The apprenticeship scheme, which has been tailored specifically for our needs, works extremely well for us and will give us the skilled workforce we need for the future”.

“We prefer our apprentices to have completed a two-year college course in a construction or engineering related qualification or to have a keen interest in construction before they join us.”

The company has carved a clear career path for its apprentices.

“We struggle to recruit skilled staff. We moved to Little Plumstead to make the company more attractive to potential employees. Being closer to Norwich widens the pool for a qualified workforce.”

The newest apprentice, Jack Thurbon, is learning slabbing, excavations, ledges, concrete and other skills after trying several courses at sixth form.

“I preferred the practical side of the work and enjoy being outside. The apprenticeship has made me more confident and skilled, and I am seeing more where my career can go.”

“I would like to progress and make my way up the ladder here and move into the engineering side.”