All Staff Training Day

March 5, 2016

Expansion plans and future strategies for business were revealed to all staff when they gathered for our biennial all-staff training day at Dunston Hall.

The one-day shut-down every two years brings all staff together for training and company updates.

“The all-staff training day works well for us. Rather than trying to deliver the training over the course of a year, in small groups, it is easier to get everyone together in one room to deliver the training en-masse,” Richard Bateman said.

“It is important to pull everyone in from our sites to spend time together, look at what we did last year, where we might have fallen short, what our expectations are and where we are going in the next 12-18 months.

“A lot of our staff would have read in the press that we had recently won four new contracts worth £14m, so it was an ideal opportunity to give them some details on those projects and to talk to them about other projects in the pipeline.”

“We want all our staff to know that we are doing well and to give them an insight into what we are looking forward to. It is also a great opportunity to thank everyone for the hard work and effort that they are putting into the company.”

External trainers from the West Anglia Training Association worked alongside the management team to deliver health and safety training, including excavation safety, environmental awareness, mobile plant, weather, general housekeeping and personal protective equipment.

Health and safety committee presentations were made to Rory Clarke, Steve Bland, Rob Jeal, Jamie Buckenham, Stephen Overson and Scott Rayner.

A raffle won 8 ‘lucky ticket’ winners a golden envelope with a monetary value.